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Touring the Area

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Cheltenham remains an elegant and attractive town which continues to draw visitors from around the world for its fine buildings and ambiance. Most of the sites of Jewish interest lie around the centre of the town. The synagogue is of exception interest due to the acknowledged beauty and historical interest of its interior and should be visited. The cemetery is also worth visiting, it is very neatly kept and the old section of the cemetery is picturesque as well as having real historical interest. As in many cases the cemetery gives the most tangible impression of the community and its personalities through time. Other than visiting the site of the first synagogue and the site of Corinth House, a walk through the streets of the centre and the immediate suburbs, with the list of historical Jewish street addresses in mind, is worth conducting. However it is worth bearing in mind that the townscape of Cheltenham is much changed considerably in modern times; more than one would imagine - therefore locating individual house addresses is not straight forward and is potentially frustrating. Also many addresses given as so and so "Terrace" are not always separate streets but sections of main streets of the same name - usually distinct rows of houses built by the same developer.
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