Brighton & Hove
Marcus Roberts

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We are proud to announce the completion of our Brighton and Hove Trail, with the help of the Brighton and Hove community. This trail illustrates the fascinating and extensive Jewish Heritage of Brighton and Hove and demonstrates that it is among the most important Jewish heritage locations in the country. The trail falls into two linked trails - the Brighton Trail and the West Brighton and Hove Trail.

This trail has been made possible with the extensive help of many local contributors, who have freely given their time, help, contributions and materials. We would like to give special thanks to Doris Levinson, Sharon Rubin, Godfrey Gould, Martin Gilmour, Gordon Franks, who have laboured hard and long on the project, as well as Rabbi Charles Wallach, Leslie Brown, Eldon Smith, and many others who, even if not named, have provided valued contributions, as well as numerous contributors to oral histories. We thank you all.

We are still seeking contributions for the trail, as there are gaps in our coverage, especially for some of the Orthodox synagogues, which we would like to develop more. The length of some of the entries does not necessarily reflect their priority in the Jewish heritage of Brighton. Contributions can easily be submitted via the 'contact us' section on the right of the page. Further suggestions for locations, the provision of information, photographs, articles, or memories and memorabilia - all will be welcome.

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