Chatham and Rochester
Marcus Roberts

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Chatham and Rochester are worth a journey to explore the Jewish heritage of both adjoined towns. The main interest is the Chatham Memorial synagogue and its adjoining cemetery. The synagogue is an exceptionally attractive and important building with a number of very interesting relics of its past on display. The cemetery is uniquely joined to the shule and has fascinating, some very poignant, memorials.

The museum in Rochester contains some additional items of Jewish interest and the Cathedral has medieval sculptures with Jewish subjects. Other than this sites of Jewish residence and commerce of the 19th century can be traced along Chatham High Street with the background of the Georgian Dockyards, the economic dynamo of the 19th century Jewish community.

Apart from this Rochester is an exceptionally pretty cathedral town, with its strong Dickensian associations, and an imposing Norman castle close by on the Medway and a very large number of historic and beautiful town houses. Chatham conspires to be less visually compelling but more commercially important.

An hour to two hours at the synagogue and cemetery would be well spent, the remainder of a longer afternoon in Rochester would be pleasant though the enthusiastic could also fit in a trip to the Dockyards in a longer day.

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